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Personal Mindset Mastery Consultant

Ryan Grubb

Ryan is equipped in counseling, professional coaching, consulting, and ministry.

For over 20 years, he has worked and trained in various human development and behavior professions. 

Ryan's vast experience has allowed him to help his clients better themselves and create personal and professional change. He works with his clients to break down patterns and improve their self image by combatting imposter syndrome, fear of the unknown, and personal mishaps

His out of the box mindset and ability to relate genuinely and authentically makes his work with clients a joy and pleasure. 

Ryan is a mindset mastery coach who uses a variety of modalities from EFT, NLP, and other personal development and mindset tracks. Ryan is all about helping the client accepting who they are in order to become the best version of who they would like to be.  

Ryan is married to his wonderful wife Carla, and has two daughters. Their family resides outside of Charlottesville, VA.   




New Growth


Ryan guides in such a way that is both consistent and loving. He consistently called my emotions to the floor and would not let me excuse or ignore them. 

His kindness is what stood me back up. His reassurance that as a man I was not alone in feeling the things I did, and that I did have what it took to overcome, not to be ruled by them. 

I will always recommend Ryan Grubb and his coaching style to anyone especially any man that is struggling with emotionality.

Herb Plants


Working with Ryan for the past year has been incredibly helpful for me! At the end of last winter, I was really struggling a lot with social anxiety and depression, mostly stemming from challenges in my school and social lives.


Ryan has helped me work through that stuff and helped me develop coping methods to help myself through those hard times. I’m super grateful for all that he’s done for me, and he’s also a great guy to boot.


He knows when the right times are to be a listener and to give advice, and he’s pretty funny, too. I’d recommend him to anyone for sure, and I’m so grateful for him in my life!

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